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The famous Indian movie Delhi-6, a story about love, hope and self discovery set in the walled city of Delhi (Chandni chowk- zip code 6), has inspired a yet another event and has sprinkled flavor of the famous Delhi-6 in an event held by Adiva (IVF, Endoscopy & birthing specialty centre.)

The carnival organized by Adiva on 27.12.09 at Aerens estate, Vasant Kunj was a sensation. The grandeur was witnessed by about 105 families out of which, more than 140 individuals were doctors who enjoyed carnival to the fullest. This carnival was the most exciting one and had something remarkable in store for people of all age groups.

The carnival was based on theme “Delhi-6” and a lot of things like mouthwatering snacks, chaat and sumptuous lunch complimented this theme, reminding people of Chandni Chowk- Delhi-6, the famous place in the city of Old Delhi.

In addition to delicious treats, some exhilarating elements made this event all the more thrilling, enjoyable and inviting. These were Lucky draw to try your luck, Tarot card reader to give you a look at the happenings that may take place in your future, pandit ji, parrot walle pandit ji, mehndi walla, tatoo making corner, bangles walla, sketch artist, nail art corner and hair styling corner. Moreover, the carnival offered engaging things like baggi ride, Camel ride, games stalls which were major attractions for kids.

The carnival wonderfully brought Adiva family together for sharing some unforgettable moments. The Adiva family and everyone else present at the event welcomed the auspicious arrival of fantastic New Year, the year 2010 with a beautiful beginning and loads of happiness.


Striving to strike a balance between career, household, family and kids, a woman may not get enough time to pay attention to the most important thing for her personal and professional life, which is ‘her health.’ Moreover, a woman may find not many platforms to discuss the issue of women’s health, diseases and probable precautions to be taken for a healthy, happy and long life.

The female body undergoes different stages in life, experiencing many changes and one of the major ones is being a mother. Being a woman, a mother makes the body undergo some of the greatest hormonal changes and the pleasure of womanhood can bring along some difficulties which a woman may find challenging to resolve on her own.

Woman’s health is gradually but surely becoming something that can be openly discussed and a similar podium will be shared by some proficient doctors, who will share significant facts about women’s health on Sunday, 21st February, 2010, in a session held by Adiva which is an IVF, Endoscopy, Cosmetic & birthing specialty centre.

ADIVA Group of Hospitals takes pride in announcing a brainstorming session on Woman Issues to be held on Sunday, 21st February, 2010 at Le Meridien Hotel commencing at 7.00pm.

In this session, some eminent doctors will share talks on important issues, which will include:

  • Female Infertility: Dr Rita Bakshi (Sr. Consultant of Adiva and ART Specialist)
  • Trends in Aesthetic Surgeries: Dr Dinesh Bhargava (Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • Management of Endometriosis: Dr (Mrs.) K Madaan (Sr. Consultant, a former HOD, Gynae, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital)
  • Male Infertility: Dr R K Sharma (ART Specialist Research & Referral,   Army Hospital)
  • Which Hormonal Investigation to do when: Dr Shubha Sagar (HOD Gynae, Smt Sucheta Kriplani Hospital)
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Dr.Vasundhra Oberoi

Having valuable discussions as a significant part, the brainstorming session will move towards its end with cocktail and Dinner.

Adiva addresses all kind of woman issues, including maternity care, fertility problems or gynecological treatment. Adiva understands that a woman needs not just the best medical attention but tender, loving care as well. This session will surely help women celebrate womanhood with best of the health.

When you think of fitness, you may think just of a well toned body and generally a fit and wonderful physique whereas; it includes physical, as well as mental fitness. The present day scenario of people working in the corporate world has made the role of “parents” difficult and the most challenging job for them now is “parenting” which is also the reason of mental stress with many parents. Addressing the issue of parenting, the renowned parenting expert Mrs. Sudha Gupta shared positive parenting tips with everyone at a Combined Medical Education (CME) meeting.

Adiva (IVF, Endoscopy & birthing specialty centre) organized this Combined Medical Education (CME) meeting at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi on 12th Sept. About 72 doctors attended the forum which commenced with impressive lunch spread at its scheduled time – 1:00pm and ended by 4:00pm with High Tea.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta (parenting expert) discussing parenting issues

In this significant event, some honorable speakers shared their pearls of wisdom with the guests. These renowned personalities were:

  • Mrs. Sudha Gupta, chairperson of Adiva, who shared her treasure of Positive Parenting. Her inspiring talk left the audience in awe wanting to listen and learn more.
  • Dr. Dhananjay Gupta who brilliantly shared about managing Osteoporosis in Women. Only after listening to an expert like him, one can understand the need to create awareness of Osteoporosis in women.
  • Dr. Manvita Mahajan who beautifully presented the basics of Antenatal Care.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, Mrs. Bhargav and other doctors at CME

The CME was an open event, where all the guests could share their views and ask questions. Amongst the guests some eminent doctors and personalities were also invited.

The most beautiful gift for a woman dreaming of becoming a "mother"- An IVF baby

When Anu Grover married Sameer, she had a perfect yet simple plan. She wanted to set up the house, bear two beautiful children and be a dedicated mother, just like any girl of her age. Little did she know that the ominous term of being ‘infertile’ would sap all the fun from her life. IVF came as a ray of hope for her. But with every cycle she faced failure. Anu was now 34 years of age with 12 long years of history of infertility. Then somebody recommended her Adiva. What happened next? Find out here-

Watching a little angel inside you in the ultrasound, feeling his tiny hands and feet kicking you softly and exploring the world of his mother’s warm and protecting womb, is a heavenly feeling and pleasure of knowing that you are the provider of best of the world to a life which is taking shape inside you.

Pregnancy is the most magnificent experience for every woman of this earth as God has blessed only women with the bliss of giving birth to this world’s future; a new, better and bright tomorrow called “a baby”.

Adiva’, a hospital dedicated to women understands that each day of pregnancy is significant and that is why, it makes everyday a momentous occasion for the expecting mother. Each day of pregnancy brings along new tides of emotions, bodily changes and treasures of dreams, possibilities and expectations for the soon-to-be mother. During this golden period of a woman’s life, what is most important is to keep a track of every little change that’s happening to the mother’s body, mind and soul and that is what, Adiva does.

Along with the best possible medical care, most advanced technologies and superior facilities for the expectant mothers, Adiva is equipped with three important virtues, love, care and attention to the mother’s every requirement and emotion. More than being a hospital, it is like a home for the mother, it smells of flowers and not disinfectants, its staff is not just expert in medical care but also in listening, caring and loving the mother to be. A woman’s experience and pride of becoming a mother is celebrated here with her. Adiva is a home, a family where she can dream happy thoughts and enjoy “being a woman.”

Adiva celebrates God’s most beautiful gift to mankind called “womanhood.” It is designed to meet the needs of women throughout the milestones of her life, from the teenage years, to pregnancy, menopause and beyond. Womanhood is special as a woman and Adiva creates happier, healthier moms and children by caring for the mother’s fitness before and after pregnancy.

Visit: for more details of this world of Love and Care- ADIVA


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